Meet Our Animals



Butterscotch is a 15 year old palomino pony used on the pony ring, in camp, and My Little Pony. 



Dandy is a miniature Sicilian donkey.  They have long ears and a wishbone shape around their shoulders. They have tiny little hooves and can bray very loudly.  Dandy’s best barnyard friend is Freckles.



Flash is a black pony gelding who is in his mid 30’s.  He has two blue eyes that are very unique.  Flash is only ridden in the pony ring, in Pony Camp, or in My Little Pony classes. He lives in the pony pasture with his friends.



Freckles is a male llama. Llamas are shorn every other year for their fiber. Llamas come in an array of colors and often produce beautiful fiber. The only time a Llama spits is usually at another animal over matters of food. Llamas will rarely spit at a    human. Llamas usually go to the bathroom in the same spot, making it very easy to clean up after them.

Gus & Gracie

Gus and Gracie are Boer Goats and are the son and daughter of Ginger.  They were born on April 10, 2012. Both male and female goats have beards. It is more common for goats to have twins rather than a single kid or triplets.




Huckleberry is a 26 year old Miniature Horse gelding.  With his unique coloring, he is considered a Pinto.  Huck is outstanding in My Little Pony and Pony Camp.  He is very mischievous in the pony ring but is also good for demonstrations in the barn and very well behaved while being ridden on a lead line. He is the smallest horse at Lockwood, but he is also the boss in the pony pasture! He seems to be every child’s favorite. He is famous and even has his own clothing line!



King is a 16 year old pinto pony.  He was donated to us in November of 2010.  He is also used on the pony ring at Lockwood and in Pony Camp and My Little Pony classes. King’s friend is Sage.

Rescued Ranger and Little Miss Ewe

Rescued Ranger is a Dorset sheep, and he is the bigger of the two. Little Miss Ewe is a Shetland sheep. These kinds of sheep produce wool for farmers. A baby sheep is called a lamb. They get their wool cut once a year; this process is called shearing. Female sheep are called ewes, and male sheep are called rams. A fun fact: a newborn lamb shadows its mother within hours of birth.

Rescued Ranger.JPG
Little Miss Ewe.JPG



Milkshake is a Holstein Calf born on July 5, 2017. She is a female calf called a heifer. Males are called steers or bulls. Once Milkshake has her own calf, she will become known as a cow.  A Holstein cow is mainly used for milk. Milkshake loves to run, jump, and play and is very curious about visitors.

Nala & Ginger

Nala and Ginger are Boer Goats. A baby goat is called a kid. This kind of goat provides meat for the farmers, while other breeds of goats can provide milk. Nala just turned 4, and Ginger is 7 years old. Nala and Ginger are female goats which are called does. Nala is the oddball of the family with all the differentcolors and is called a Paint Boer Goat. This is very rare and exciting for us to have at The Children’s Farm! Ginger is Nala’s mother. A fun fact: Goats only have bottom teeth and cannot bite. This fact is also true with sheep, llamas, and cows.




Olive is a female Lionhead Dwarf Rabbit. Female rabbits are called does and malerabbits are called bucks.  Rabbits are mostly active around dawn and dusk although they are not nocturnal. Rabbits move by hopping, using their long, powerful hind legs.  A fun fact: Rabbits, in rare cases, can have up to a dozen babies at one time.



Peeps was donated to us. She is part Muscovy.  Wild Muscovy ducks are native of Mexico, Central America, and South America. They can also be found in Florida and Texas. They are found near water and sheltering trees.



Ranger is a 13 year old pony gelding that came to Lockwood in March of 2017. Ranger got his name from the TV character Walker Texas Ranger. Ranger will be used for pony programing and the pony ring. He is friends with Sage.



Sage is a 22 year old dun colored pony.  He was donated to us in November of 2010.  He is also used on the pony ring at Lockwood as well as Pony Camp and My Little Pony classes. Sage is best friends with King.



Sunny is a 7 year old Tobiano pinto miniature mare.  She is right at the cutoff height between being considered a miniature and a pony.  She used to be shown riding and driving prior to coming to Lockwood, and she even drove as a team with another miniature!